A downloadable deathhulk for Android

The Dominion research facility on the barbaric planet of Dul-Prime is under attack by the local wildlife fearing they will be over run, a distress call is sent out for aid. The hammer of The Dominion is sent in, the massive mechanized warriors known simply as DeathHulks. DeathHulk: Onslaught is a challenging fun arcade game where players take the gun of a DeathHulk and fend off the attack of vicious aliens for as long as possible. Simple controls and addicting gameplay merge to give players a grand sci-fi battle right in there pocket.

• addictive gameplay
• simple controls
• space marines
• aliens

Published Oct 05, 2015
AuthorSummerFire Media
Tags40, alien, android, deathhulk, hammer, k, marine, scifi, Space, War

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deathhulkonslaught.apk 7 MB

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